Custory, a cloud-powered F&B management suite is here to aid local operators

Cuscapi, Presto and Hungry have announced a partnership to offer a fully integrated and digitalised order-to-delivery solution that aims to boost the local food and beverage (F&B) industry that has been affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.

The strategic alliance between the three partners will see to develop a fully integrated and digitalised Cloud-powered F&B management suite, named Custory, to help F&B operators manage their order-to-delivery cycle, and everything in-between, both efficiently and effectively.

The three main components that make-up this new solution are food ordering, cashless payment and delivery service, each of which is the specialization of Cuscapi, Presto and Hungry, respectively.

Custory allows for real-time access to restaurant data anytime and enables restaurants to create a digital menu for both dine-in and online orders on a single platform. This translates as a cost-effective and comprehensive solution. The solution by the three providers aims to allow restaurants to replace order-placing kiosks that contribute to long queues, which is becoming an inconvenience as the practice of social-distancing is coming into place.

“Customers will be able to use QR Codes to order their food from the table. Similar, their drive-through or take-out experience is amplified via the online-ordering solution,”

“We have developed our solution to be hardware agonistic, meaning that it can run on any hardware, making it a truly affordable solution to Tier-2 and Tier-3 F&B operators, who can run it even on a smartphone. Our solution is ahead of its time and we believe it will bring about very positive impacts on food operators during this challenging time,” said Cuscapi’s Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Gerald.

On the other end, Presto’s Chief Executive Officer, Cheong Chia Chou highlighted that with the partnership, the company is moving towards the new normal together with the F&B operators and their customers. Gary Soo, Chief Executive Officer of Hungry said that the partnership will give the food delivery platform an edge over their competitors as they are able to deliver more speedily.

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) lauded the collaboration for developing an innovative digital solution to aid local businesses, particularly F&B operators.

“We urge more tech companies to emulate the success of this collaboration to place Malaysia back on a bullish growth trajectory,” ́said Vice President of MDEC’s Global Growth Acceleration Division.

Custory will be rolled out in phases and targets to have more than 1,000 F&B operators on board by end 2020.


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