5G to bring new opportunities with new values

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At the New Infrastructure and Business Digitalisation Forum held during the first GSMA Thrive event, Gan Bin, chief marketing officer for Huawei’s Wireless Network Solutions, delivered a keynote speech entitled “5G Brings Five Opportunities with New Value”.

In this speech, Gan elaborated why “5G is the digital foundation of new infrastructure to upgrade connectivity, AI, cloud, computing, and industrial applications and inject new vitality into economic development”.

“5G significantly improves the experience of connectivity, expanding 4G’s people-centered connections with smartphones to a full range of scenarios that span not only smartphones, but also smart wearables and homes. This will add greater convenience to daily lives,”  Gan said.

Huawei’s latest Global Industry Vision (GIV) report projects a per-person average possession of five smart devices by 2025. Apart from eight billion smartphones, there will be more than 20 billion PCs, tablets, VR headsets, smart watches, and smart screens among other smart devices.

5G’s high bandwidth makes it possible to seamlessly switch video calls, video entertainment, and personal data across these devices. In addition, over 20 billion real-time online smart home devices, such as sound boxes, projectors, printers, and blood pressure meters will be operated and managed with 5G connections to enrich personal and home services.

5G also eliminates data upload limitations, meaning that a massive amount of data can be transferred from hundreds of millions of devices to cloud servers to provide AI operations with tremendous data, which will greatly reduce the training period. 5G enables devices to make the best of the powerful computing in the cloud to relax requirements on local computing, reducing device costs. Furthermore, 5G enables the transfer of AI operation results to devices to greatly expand the availability of AI-based functionality.

“Cloud technologies and business models are maturing, with hundreds of millions of connections and availability of AI services acting as the catalyst for the rapid development of the cloud industry,” Gan emphasised.

5G will stimulate the demand for massive storage worldwide. Constrained by insufficient local capabilities, less than two percent of the nearly 40 ZB data generated in 2019 was saved. 5G high bandwidth offers a new option to implement cloud storage to save the massive data. According to Huawei’s GIV reports, 92 percent of the world’s newly created 180 ZB data will be stored on the cloud by 2025.

It will also stimulate the demand for enormous computing power. According to Huawei’s GIV report, the demand for computing power in 2025 will have increased by 150,000 times compared to 2019, with data usage surging from 10 percent to 80 percent.

“We are now facing a vast computing market with tremendous potential. Global research firm Gartner has forecast that the computing industry will exceed two trillion US dollars by 2023

“While 4G has changed lives, 5G is set to change society. 5G has proven an indispensable enabler for business digitalisation and will greatly improve the operational efficiency across industries,” Gan noted.

According to Huawei’s GIV report, the contribution of the mobile industry to the world’s economy is growing year by year. 5G is emerging as the major driving force, projected to produce a return 6.7 times that of non-ICT investment in the long run.


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