Mozilla introduces Mozilla VPN in Malaysia to keep users’ online data secure

Mozilla has introduced the Mozilla VPN (Virtual Private Network) in Malaysia today. This fast and easy-to-use VPN service, now available on Windows is brought to users by Mozilla, the makers of Firefox, and a trusted name in online consumer security and privacy services.

The Mozilla VPN subscription is available for just US$4.99 per month (approx. RM21), and there are no long-term contracts required. The subscription protects up to five devices.

This launch follows months of beta testing. Feedback from beta users made it clear that greater control over how their data was being shared within their network was critically important.

Mozilla’s transparent Data Privacy Principles have guided the design of the Mozilla VPN, and it doesn’t keep user data logs. Mozilla also does not partner with any third-party analytics platforms that build profiles of user behavior

The Mozilla VPN helps people control their digital privacy, it encrypts users’ devices adding an extra layer of protection for users’ personal data and information. For example, it makes online transactions more private by masking users’ IP addresses and locations. This added layer of protection also helps ensure communicating and making video calls with family and friends is more secure.

With millions of people now working online and spending more time at home, internet usage is reported to have surged by as much as 30% during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.* The increase in reliance on home networks presents an opportunity for people to review their online security and privacy. How to stay safe online has become part of the “new normal” discussion.

The Mozilla VPN is based on modern and lean technology, the WireGuard protocol’s 4,000 lines of code, is a fraction in size of legacy protocols used by other VPN service providers. With the Mozilla VPN users get an easy-to-use and simple interface designed for ease of use by anyone who is new to VPNs, or for those who want to simply turn it on and connect to the web.

In addition to Malaysia, the Mozilla VPN is also available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and New Zealand. There are plans to expand to other countries this fall. Users can now download it from Google Play store.


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