Grab introduces series of new updates to increase demand for small and independent businesses

Grab is introducing new updates to its food delivery service to help Malaysians save more while growing the demand for small and independent businesses on GrabFood and will be updating its delivery fee structure to provide users with greater value for their orders.

This will include delivery fees  to be as low as RM2 for selected restaurants less than 1km away. Specifically, for cities outside Klang Valley, the RM2 delivery fee will apply to selected restaurants less than 2.5km away.

This is also aimed at encouraging more orders for smaller and independent restaurants, thus helping them grow and sustain through this period.

“As a homegrown tech enabler, we want to continue innovating our platform and services to ensure we support small and independent businesses while still providing budget conscious customers the convenience of on-demand food delivery. Through these efforts, we hope to play a part in helping the nation regain economic stability,” said Sean Goh, Managing Director of Grab Malaysia.

As delivery fees go directly to Grab’s delivery-partners, to ensure they are fairly compensated, Grab will be subsidising the delivery fees which are lower than RM5. Hence, this will not affect their income but will help to grow orders which will also benefit delivery-partners’ earnings.

Grab is also introducing the GrabFood Signatures Value Packages where customers can save up to RM50 on each order from their favourite GrabFood Signatures restaurants, such as Texas Chicken, Secret Recipe, KyoChon, and many more.

This in turn is expected to grow the demand for these restaurants while also ensuring the service remains affordable for users.

The discount vouchers can be used for over 1,000 restaurant-partners nationwide with no minimum spend required and comes in 3 packages to suit every customers’ lifestyle and budget.

GrabFood also recently introduced a new ‘free deliveries’ category on the platform to provide customers who are looking for budget friendly options.

This also provides restaurant-partners an avenue to boost their visibility and awareness across the Grab platform. Moving forward, Grab will be making efforts to include additional restaurants who would like to participate to offer customers a wider variety of favourites.

“As we continue to embrace the new normal, we want to ensure that our platform remains as inclusive as it can be to help all Malaysians and cater to their needs, be it with the convenience of food delivery or by helping grow opportunities for businesses. We hope that through these efforts we’re able to assist our fellow countrymen through these uncertain times,” said Goh.


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