Former premier, Najib Razak found guilty of abuse of power

Former premier, Najib Razak has been found guilty of abuse of power in regards to the RM42 million belonging to SRC International Sdn Bhd.

Justice Mohd Nazlan has ruled that the accused, Najib Razak acted outside the limits of permissible conduct. This is in regards with the approval of KWAP loans to SRC.

“This resulted in the RM2 billion payment being made. The rationale behind the single release of the RM2 billion was decided by the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) without the veracity of the information from SRC,” the judge says.

According to the Edge Markets, the judge also further ruled that SRC had not qualified for the loan.

The former Prime Minister was charged in July 2018 with the abuse of power with regards to approving RM 4 billion worth loans from KWAP to SRC between Aug 17, 2011 and Feb 8, 2012.

The court’s decision to convict the former premier will also result in his disqualification as a candidate in the upcoming General Election.

He also faces three criminal breach of trust involving deposit of RM42 million worth SRC funds into two AmIslamic Bank accounts, which he owned.

The judge is still reading out the summary at the time the news article was written, updates will follow suit.


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