Hong Leong Bank’s partnership with Snaptruck to offer on-demand logistics solutions for SME customers

Hong Leong Bank (“HLB” or the “Bank”) has announced its partnership with Snaptruck, a Malaysian digital shared logistic services startup, to offer on-demand logistics solutions for its SME customers.

This partnership will on-board Snaptruck into HLB’s ‘SME Digital Business Solutions’, diversifying and enhancing the Bank’s digital banking offerings to cater for the wider services demand of its customers.

Domenic Fuda, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of HLB said having Snaptruck onboard as a new partner not only expands our SME Digital Business Solutions, but more importantly fulfils a much-needed daily need of its customers in the logistics vertical.

“Through understanding of our customers’ needs, we have identified logistics as an important component in ensuring that business operations remain operating and run smoothly, customer service is improved and opportunities to drive cost efficiencies are maximised, all while helping alleviate a major pain point for SMEs. We are excited to on-board Snaptruck as the Bank’s partner as well as making us the first bank in Malaysia to provide simple and seamless logistics solutions for our customers.”

Modeled to fit into the sharing economy, Snaptruck enables SMEs to have access to more than 61 transporter partners, the ability to source, manage and track their deliveries online in real-time and price transparency in transport services. This will lead to SMEs having improved efficiency in product shipments, meet operational timelines, enhance agility to adapt and gain competitive advantage in this new normal and digital economy.

Wong Tze Kai, Managing Director of Snaptruck shared that as businesses pivot digitally to meet the evolving demands of the current economy, their online FreightTech platform will solve the existing pain points of the logistics industry that is heavily fragmented, siloed operationally and relies on manual job sourcing and assignments and ultimately, bring down operating cost as a whole.

“In times like this where SMEs are facing business continuity pressure due to the COVID-19 outbreak, every cost efficiency measure is going to be beneficial in both the short- and long-run. By digitizing the logistics, Snaptruck is able to provide an online location-based collaborative, aggregator and matching solution where all data and information on shipments are shared through a single platform for both SMEs and transport service providers.

During MCO, Snaptruck added ‘SnapX’ to expand their services catering to the rising demand of lightweight, document and parcel deliveries, on top of its current services which includes ‘Snaptruck’ that focuses on nationwide heavyweight cargo deliveries and ‘SnapPorts’ which caters to container haulage for the import and export industry. Recognizing that not every SME has the resources to build online platforms to digitize various aspects of their business, Snaptruck is also offering ‘SnapQloud’ software as a service (SaaS) of their logistics platform.


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