HSBC launches voice biometric technology for customers in Malaysia

HSBC launched its Voice ID solution for customers in Malaysia, making the country the first in Southeast Asia where HSBC has introduced this capability.

Voice ID – an advanced voice biometric technology, allows customers to verify their identity using voice recognition capabilities, whilst providing access to their phone banking services in a quicker, safer and more convenient manner.

Voice ID makes banking simpler for customers as they will no longer need to remember passwords or answers to security questions and will instead use their voices to identify themselves.

Eligible phone banking customers can simply register for the service via the HSBC Voice ID enrolment hotline.

The enrolment process requires the customers to repeat a standard passphrase, “my voice is my password”, that is used to create a voiceprint for future verification. The whole process takes less than three minutes.

Once the customers are enrolled, they can use the Voice ID passphrase instead of Telebanking PIN (TPIN) the next time they use phone banking.

“HSBC is focused on delivering banking services that offer simpler, better and safer features for our customers. With the introduction of our Voice ID solution, retail customers in Malaysia will have even quicker and easier access to their bank accounts while leveraging a more secure form of identification; using customers’ unique voiceprint which will help protect their accounts against fraud”, said Tara Latini, Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, HSBC Malaysia.

Why is Voice ID safer?

HSBC Malaysia’s Voice ID is the first in Malaysia to come with a 2-tier verification system incorporated in a single solution. The verification includes:

  1. Vocal Password – a text dependent passphrase.
    2. Free Speech – text independent passphrase.

Voice ID provides enhanced security to customers because fraudsters and hackers cannot replicate a person’s voice. Instead of the sounds themselves, the mechanics of how sounds are produced are measured.

As a result, Voice ID is sensitive and sophisticated enough to detect any impersonation or recording, and able to identify a customer’s voice even when they have a cold or sore throat.

Voice ID also supports 3 languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin for both verification mechanisms.

HSBC Voice ID has also been launched and is available to customers in United Kingdom, Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates.


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