AirUpThere set to raise funds via pitchIN for SEA market expansion plans

AirUpThere Technologies Sdn Bhd (AirUpThere) today announced that it is set to raise further funds via equity crowdfunding platform pitchIN. The company, which was founded in 2018 has targeted to raise RM600,000 (USD143,280.00).  The ECF campaign is LIVE on pitchIN.

Huddle is a digital marketplace and management suite for all amateur sports enthusiasts in South East Asia. Whether you are a weekend warrior looking for an adult football league to join or a parent looking for the best coach in town for your kid’s tennis skills, Huddle users simply search, buy, and join from our vast network of partners and sports organisations.

Huddle Host, the management suite for sports organizers helps simplify administrative and marketing work by publishing to Huddle Marketplace and access an entire region of youth and everyday athletes.

With an instant online presence and no programming required, organizers are able to collect payments, collate stats and results easily and immediately share this info with players, coaches, parents.

The app and content are currently focusing on the local Malaysian sports scene with high traffic looking at livestreams of selected tournaments and leagues, contributor content from leagues, teams and academies, amongst others. Sports organisers use Huddle as a complete sports program management tool where they are able to create and manage sports programs and schedules while athletes join the marketplace that curates and rates sports programs for athletes and parents.

Other features also include sports events ticket sales, team and player profiles also competition management, schedule standings and stats. To date AirUpThere have already signed up 115 sports organisers via Huddle and that has generated a revenue of RM478,000 with 4,100 online profiles on the platform.

The company is set to scale over the South East Asian market. Andri Khusahry the CEO of AirUpThere said that “Our initial focus is on 4 main sports, badminton, basketball, running and football which comprise 30% of the total participatory sports market in ASEAN makes up for approximately 50 million people as the addressable market. The target for 2021 will be the expansion plans into Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.”

“We use technology to provide access to hundreds of games and track the progress of thousands of players across the region in the palm of your hand. By digitising the community, Huddle unlocks the massive potential of a fragmented Southeast Asian market valued at an estimated US$20 billion.” Andri added.

Andri also said that with the challenges stemming from Covid-19, we also see this platform as a vital way to help stakeholders in the sports industry stay afloat by being able to reach a broader targeted audience, simplify operations, and incorporate contactless SOPs such as cashless transactions.

Huddle is currently addressing a local market size of 10,000 of total organisers and coaches, 1.9 million of total athletes (18+) with badminton being the highest addressable market of 12.19 percent of population, 486 organisers, 1.17 million athletes (18+) and 4,600 coaches throughout the country.

Previously, AirUpThere had received a RM300,000 (USD70,561) grant in 2018 from Cradle Fund’s CIP300 grant and had successfully achieved program deliverables. AirUpThere was also part of the ever growing Structured Coaching Program (SCP) conducted by Proficeo for Cradle Fund as part of the CIP300 grant recipient program.

Officially an approved Angel Tax Incentive certified company, (, AirUpThere is bullish about the prospects of their fundraising journey.

With the funding raised, AirUpThere will be allocating 25 percent for technology improvement of it’s Huddle platform, 40 percent for marketing efforts and 35 percent towards strengthening their talent pool.

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