Retail and food sector level up mentoring programme through digitalisation

The Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) with Retail and Food & Beverage Productivity Nexus has moved up the mentoring programme of the retail and food & beverage sector by leveraging on digital technology.

The current approach entitled “Productivity Digitisation (Productivity 1010) Retail and F&B” is expected to enhance awareness on the benefits of digitalisation in improving productivity among businesses.

Through these online initiatives, MPC hopes to create awareness, participation and momentum for independent growth to build business productivity and digital competency, thus leading Malaysia towards sustainable economic growth.

According to Director-General of Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), YBhg. Dato’ Abdul Latif Haji Abu Seman “Digitalisation was discovered to be one of the top strategies used to maintain productivity, thus proving the need for greater awareness regarding the use of digital marketing and online platforms among businesses. Another advantage is to overcome the challenges set by social distancing and movement restriction order, digital marketing facilitates other ways for businesses to satisfy the needs of their customers. MPC has realised this before starting of the pandemic impact, as digitalisation of business advisory services offered by MPC has already started”.

A total of 200 companies have participated in the RFB-VACs where a total of 18 model companies were selected to participate in this Productivity Digitisation Retail and F&B programme based on observation of high potential from the previous RFB-VAC sessions. Similarly, the programme offers one-to-one consultation sessions with relevant industry experts, with the inclusion of strategic customised assistance and mentoring to build and expand the business, image-wise and branding-wise.

The sessions offered will home in on specific areas that are important for the business owner to address, namely business digitalisation, supply chain management and digital marketing and branding. The Productivity Digitisation Retail and F&B programme also provides tailored assistance in developing the business framework for existing international expansion as well as enhancement of the business’ existing online platform.

It also assists in achieving productivity initiatives by upskilling workforce, increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of the company, and promoting the adoption of technology and digitalisation. The Productivity Digitisation Retail and F&B programmes also link businesses with relevant experts and government agencies to obtain suitable funding and advice.

Retail and Food & Beverage Productivity Nexus (RFBPN) is one of the nine Productivity Nexus established by MPC to drive the implementation of productivity initiatives proposed by Malaysia Productivity Blueprint (MPB). RFBPN aims to address the key challenges of the industry and accomplish its goals in providing support and opportunities to SMEs through the digitalisation of business operations and strengthening their competency to reach the international standard.


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