Nippon Paint Malaysia launches new coatings innovation

Coating solutions provider, Nippon Paint Malaysia has launched an anti-viral and anti-bacterial paint,the Nippon Paint VirusGuard which has new added feature and is lab-tested to be 99 percent effective against the human coronavirus (strain 229E).

Speaking at a media briefing session, Yaw Seng Heng, Group Managing Director of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group shared, “The Nippon Paint VirusGuard represents our continuous efforts in improving the overall health and wellness of our consumers in Malaysia. Having embarked on our health and wellness-focused coatings two decades ago with the introduction of Malaysia’s first odourless paint, we have continuously brought in various innovative solutions such as the Green Choice Series, Child Wellness Range and Indoor Wellness Range.”

The Nippon Paint VirusGuard was tested against the Human Coronavirus, ATCC VR-740, strain 229E by Analytical Lab Group earlier this year. The VirusGuard demonstrated a 99.9 percent reduction in viral titer upon contact of the virus on the paint film. The human coronavirus (strain 229E) is the first coronavirus strain identified in the family of viruses, linked to common cold symptoms and respiratory tract infections.

The Nippon Paint VirusGuard utilises the Silver Ion Technology, that is also effective in mitigating the growth of viruses and bacteria such as the hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), influenza A (H1N1), Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, in addition to the human coronavirus (strain 229E), when in contact with the paint film. While the 229E strain is different from the coronavirus strain that is causing the current Covid-19 pandemic, respiratory diseases continue to impose an immense worldwide health burden and are among the most common causes of severe illness and death worldwide.[1]

Safe for adults, children and even animals, the Silver Ion Technology prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria through a three-step approach:

  • – Deactivation of the function of viruses and bacteria
  • – Reducing its ability to multiply and reproduce and;
  • – Inhibiting its growth which ultimately causes the death of the bacteria and viruses
  • Wong Meng Lee, Assistant General Manager of Marketing, Nippon Paint Malaysia said, “As a market leader in total coating solutions, Nippon Paint is at the forefront of innovation and is committed to continue seeking opportunities, new technologies and effective solutions for our consumers and stakeholders. Leveraging on the Silver Ion Technology for its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, we aim to create and ensure homes, workspaces and public premises are safe and conducive especially during this pandemic, alongside other preventive measures.”

Ideal for any indoor spaces, the Nippon Paint VirusGuard contains the following properties:

  • – Anti-viral
  • – Anti-bacterial
  • – Ultra-low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
  • – Superior washability
  • – Scrub resistance
  • – Mold and fungus resistance
  • – Long-lasting colour
  • – Easy and hassle-free maintenance

The Nippon Paint VirusGuard is an environmentally-friendly coating solution that also comes with the Singapore Green Label Test certification.

Dr Chang Li-Yen, Associate Professor and Virologist from the Department of Medical Microbiology (Faculty of Medicine) of University of Malaya shared, “Aside from social distancing efforts, washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask and sanitising ‘hotspots’ or ‘high touch points’ are critical preventive measures. ‘Hotspots’ refer to areas where there is increased risk of presence of infectious agents including viruses and bacteria. Examples of ‘hotspots’ are door knobs, tabletops, and even walls which are the largest surface in your home and office. As we come in contact with these ‘hotspots’ frequently, it is important to keep these areas clean, while maintaining a well-ventilated and good level of indoor wellness.”


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