Sentr by Primal is reviving digital marketing across Malaysia

Primal, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia is providing digital services to local and international brands to improve their online success through comprehensive and data-driven digital solutions. Whilst digital marketing practices such as SEO, Google Ads, social media and content are its bread and butter, the agency has taken time to develop a customised client relationship management (CRM) platform — SENTR™. They are now using SENTR™ to overcome the pitfalls of the Covid-19 era by streamlining workflow and optimising resources, to maximise ROI.

More than just a CRM system; according to Primal, SENTR™ is a fully integrated and transparent communication and campaign management platform. It handles both customer relationship management, and project management, offering clients and agencies a one-stop-shop for active task management, reporting, resource allocation, data analysis and third-party integrations. 

Ronnie Chin, General Manager for Primal Malaysia, states, “It’s hard to express just how game-changing this platform is. SENTR™ gives us a big competitive advantage over our rivals, particularly those that still rely on siloed, inflexible and disjointed systems. With this CMP, we’re able to increase workplace efficiency by 70%; we achieve this through superior organisation, effective resource allocation and focus on key business metrics. With SENTR™ as our secret weapon, we can optimise campaigns for our clients across SEO, Google Ads, social media, e-commerce, performance media (aka advertisements), content marketing and more.”

The current health crisis sweeping the globe has more people staying at home, spending increased time online and purchasing more, but the hard part is catching their attention. In Malaysia alone the daily average internet usage figures have risen by more than 30 percent according to Telekom Malaysia (TM), with a focus on entertainment, communication and gaming sites. That’s in addition to the Communications and Multimedia Commision (MCMC) reporting an eight-fold jump in fixed-broadband subscriptions over the same period last year. 

Likewise, according to a May 2020 survey conducted by Rakuten Insight, 65 percent of female Malaysian respondents have purchased something online during the Covid-19 pandemic. In comparison, that figure was only 7 percent (in line with the global average) for male participants. However, the same survey also revealed that men and women alike did make several online purchases per month during the lockdown. 

So, with more people online, how do you catch their attention? That is where Primal can help. Their CMP platform is guaranteed to maximise budgets, optimise efficiency and get results. Time and time again the agency has proven that a streamlined and strategic approach to digital marketing can outperform the competition, maximise budgets and provide a strong ROI. Primal has been able to apply this winning formula to a range of industries, including hospitality, retail, medical, real estate, travel, NGOs and finance.

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