Putrajaya announces new special assistance initiative package, Kita Prihatin

In a live televised press conference, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has announced that Putrajaya will implement a new assistance package, Kita Prihatin.

The package will cover new payouts which will include RM1,000 for B40 households, RM500 for B40 singles, RM 600 for M40 households and RM 300 for M40 singles.

Payments will be made in two stages, the first half at the end of October and the second half in January 2021.

A Wage Subsidy 2.0 programme will also be introduced by the government to assist affected companies allowing them to receive wage subsidies for up to 200 employees.The Government will allocate RM2.4 billion for the programme and is expected to benefit 1.3 million workers.

“I have ensured the steps taken by the Government will ensure the quality of life of Malaysians nationwide. From Lahad Datu, Sabah to Arau, Perlis, we have received feedbacks on issues to look into,” the Prime Minister said.

He also stated the nation’s economic development progress is currently encouraging highlighting the recovery track the country is on.

The PM further shared that 98% of applications for an extension of moratorium periods have been approved.

Concluding his announcement, the PM called for Malaysians to reject the actions of politicians who intentionally disrupting the political stability and economic recovery plan.

This comes after PKR President, Anwar Ibrahim claimed he has received majority support to form the next government however has yet to reveal the numbers. Parties, GPS and PAS has released statements on their stance to maintain support for PM Muhyiddin.

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