Organisations need to rethink business resiliency by adopting smarter technology, says Lenovo Malaysia

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Following the previous WFH study earlier this year, Lenovo has once again conducted another research, Essential Technology Solutions For Pandemic Management, to learn more about how organisations are sustaining their businesses for the long haul. It also identifies the essential tools and solutions organisations will need to operate in the ‘new normal’.

“While organisations may have so far adapted to a business landscape that had evolved at an unprecedented rate, they are now in a transformative period that can either make or break their chances of survival and level of competitiveness in the post-Covid world. From the study, we know that organisations should continue to stay agile and be prepared to constantly rethink their business resiliency for the long run by adopting smarter technology that provides optimized flexibility and portability for their businesses,” said Varinderjit Singh, General Manager, Lenovo Malaysia.

The study further highlighted the need for organisations to focus on tools and solutions to support any potential risk and crisis that may arise, especially since most of the workforce are currently distributed and are working at unsecured networks at times.  A reliable and secure cyber environment must also be established for their remote workforce.

Additionally, it remains critical for them to ensure that employees’ communication and work devices, as well as confidential corporate information, are safe and protected against malicious cyberthreats. Thus, Lenovo ThinkShield has been recommended as a compelling option to provide world-class security and at the same time enable them to stay safe and secure with customizable packages tailored to differing needs and budgets.

For organisations, having the right technology tools and solutions for customer experience, employee experience, cybersecurity and business risk during and after the health crisis will be key to staying relevant. Adopting smarter technology and solutions to manage the day-to-day operations of an organisation may be the differentiating factor between organisations that do fold, and those that survive.

“While a suitable partner is needed for organisations to work with that can help them to bounce back strongly when the storm passes, smart solutions such as ThinkSmart are needed. It offers organisations an end-to-end solution for businesses to cultivate positive employee collaboration and enable flexible working and empower organisations to equip their workplace for greater agility, creativity and engagement,” said Varinderjit.

As organisations are adapting to the uncertain circumstances and some are facing business impacts that have consequences on IT budgets, the adoption of smarter technology and solutions is inevitable. Organisations needs to have relevant software to identify, evaluate and mitigate the ongoing operational and financial risks to help ensure business continuity and overall planning.

Furthermore, the study also shows that as face-to-face communication is drastically reduced, businesses can opt to establish technology-enabled solutions such as chatbots or customer feedback management platforms to keep their customers engaged for efficient communication and obtaining timely feedback virtually. Besides, businesses can also adopt collaboration tools and solutions, such as ThinkSmart View and Microsoft Teams, to keep employees engaged during this trying period.


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