Kelly Services to support unemployed graduates with job searching and placement under HRDF Initiative

Kelly Services alongside other industry leading organisations have announced their commitment to rebuild the nation’s workforce under the PENJANA HRDF (Human Resources Development Fund) Initiative.

Under this initiative, Kelly Services is responsible for supporting Malaysian businesses and people by providing job placement and training, equipping them with the latest skills to thrive while working in the new normal. This is in accordance with Place & Train scheme under the PENJANA HRDF Initiative, which was introduced in the wake of Covid-19’s impact on Malaysia’s economy and is aimed at supporting unemployed graduates and those who have been retrenched.

Through this scheme, Kelly Services and its sister company Capita Global will support candidates with job searching and placement, identifying suitable full-time roles for candidates to consider. Once hired, the candidates are then trained by PERSOLKELLY Consulting, preparing them for their new role within 12 months of placement. This training is designed to enhance a candidate’s job success skills and equip them with the latest skillset required to thrive in today’s workforce.

“A lot has changed in the Malaysian job landscape, in such a short period of time”, said Shahul Hameed Dawood, Chief Executive of HRDF. “We must focus on preparing our nation’s workforce for what lies beyond Covid-19. The PENJANA HRDF Initiative aims to solve the various challenges that we have faced since earlier this year. With the support of key industry players, we intend to provide our fellow Malaysians with an opportunity to not only gain employment, but also equip themselves with the latest skills demanded by employers today.”

In addition to Place & Train, Kelly Services is also participating in two more schemes under the PENJANA HRDF Initiative, namely the “SME Development” and “B40 Development” schemes. Tailored towards the SME and B40 communities, these initiatives will see Kelly Services assisting 200 candidates by providing entrepreneurship skills training for them. They also provide an opportunity for Kelly Services to leverage its vast experience in staffing, payroll, business process outsourcing and leadership development, to provide the best possible outcomes for candidates and organisations in need of support.

Commenting on the various initiatives in place is Brian Sim, Managing Director and Country Head, Malaysia at Kelly Services, “ By combining our expertise in Kelly Services with those of our sister brands under the PERSOLKELLY company, we are confident in our ability to provide support on all aspects of workforce management and development. We are also proud to extend this support to the B40 communities and local SMEs, areas of which we are very keen to see grow in Malaysia.”

Thus far, the PENJANA HRDF Initiative has helped provide over 15,000 employment opportunities, with more to come in the months ahead. To find out more, please head over to:


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