Revenue Monster introduces all-in-one online store solution to support local businesses

Malaysian financial technology company , Revenue Monster – a focused on pioneering business digitalisation will be offering the nation’s first and only all-in-one online store solution that truly supports local businesses.

Unlike other offerings in the market that impose upon their merchants a large service fee on every order, Revenue Monster’s à la carte service provides a value-added offering that comes with zero subscription, handling or service fees. This is all in the name of genuinely supporting business owners, so they can keep all their profits to themselves amidst the increasingly uncertain economic environment.

Commenting on this, Amanda Chin, Chief Executive Officer of Revenue Monster said, “Over 4,500 businesses closed down during the initial MCO period due to the dramatic drop in business and revenue. With the recent rise in Covid-19 cases, things are starting to look pretty grim again for business. With this in mind, we knew we wanted to do something that could give greater power and more income to local businesses. And more importantly, we didn’t want to just talk a big game; we wanted to actually deliver on it. This is why we have designed à la carte in a way that truly prioritises local businesses.”

Integrated into Revenue Monster’s point of sales (POS), terminal and merchant app, à la carte revolutionises the digitalisation process for businesses by empowering them to develop on the fly digital stores and menus that will allow them to tap into a wide array of ordering methods from contactless walk-in/dine-in , drive through, pick-up and delivery.

Revenue Monster’s à la carte service allows businesses to promote, sell and complete transactions online. It also leverages on in-built delivery options from partners including Mr.Speedy and Grab Express, to allow merchants to easily integrate shipping and delivery during their digitalisation process.

Amanda highlighted that ensuring business profitability and survivability in the current climate is difficult enough without service providers cutting into a huge chunk of revenue from businesses.  

“When we say we are committed to supporting local businesses, we really mean it. With our technology know-how and expertise, we cut through the clutter for a seamless business service and digital transformation. When it comes to à la carte, right now it is all about helping business through this difficult period. As such, there are no exorbitant commissions or fees imposed upon our merchants,” said Amanda.

Revenue Monster’s services include its all-in-one management tool, unified payment solutions – which consolidates acceptance of payments such as e-wallets and credit as well as debit cards using a single payment acceptance tool, eInvoice, loyalty and voucher platforms, social media management tools and business security solutions.

À la carte is now available nationwide and is readily accessible to the over 5,000 Revenue Monster merchants.

For further information on à la carte and how you can use the service to truly empower your local business with an online store service that imposes zero subscription, handling and service fees, visit:


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