H3C aims to create a digitalised Government

H3C, one of China’s digital solutions companies, aims to build efficient and service-oriented digital solutions for governments to promote economic development.  

Since its venture into the Malaysian market in September last year, H3C has provided solutions based on the latest technologies including Wi-Fi 6 and blockchain technology to various industries.

Gary Huang, President of the International Business Department and Senior Vice President of H3C highlighted the annual sales revenue of H3C which in 2019 was US$4.6 billion and there are more than 11, 000 patents in their research and development innovation. 

H3C’s progress into the Malaysian market took place due to the similarity in goals to make data communicate through digitalisation and utilise technology to advance to the next level. According to Gary, “H3C is prepared to help organisations to identify and analyse a problem and provide customised solutions accordingly. 

Rockies Ma, Country General Manager of H3C Malaysia, emphasised the importance of a digitalised Government in Malaysia.

“In Malaysia, there are many departments, especially under the Government. For example, different departments to get a driving license and identity card. If the departments can be merged via the flexibility of ICT infrastructure, there will be an improvement in the management of network,” he explained.

Additionally, Wang Chen, Vice President of the International Business of H3C addressed the emerging blockchain technology. He said blockchain is a rising topic in China where sectors such as logistics and finance have utilised it.

“There is a high acceptance of blockchain in Malaysia because everybody understands the benefits of the technology. The actual question is, which application will be suitable for the market,” he further explained.

Rockies then echoed Wang Chen and mentioned that there are initiatives in Malaysia to have digital contracts on a wider range. H3C has already integrated blockchain technology in their solutions for logistics and finance based organisations, he added.

“The Malaysian Government has signaled its intention to rapidly transform the country by embracing digital technologies,” he concluded as a result of successfully applying the H3C AD Campus SDN solution to a government department in Malaysia.

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