RHB Group to continue providing payment assistance to customers

The RHB Banking Group will to provide payment assistance to assist its customers who are facing financial difficulties in paying their monthly instalments for their loan or financing facility.

“RHB has extended payment assistance to approximately 59,000 of our individual and SME customers with total loan and financing facilities amounting to more than RM10 billion. We have made available varying payment assistance options to cater to the different needs of our customers,” said Khairussaleh Ramli, Group Managing Director, RHB Banking Group.

“In order to ensure fast turnaround time in approving repayment assistance requests, we have also put in place an auto approval mechanism to cater to eligible customers who have submitted applications. We will continue to assist our customers who are facing difficulty in paying their monthly instalments and this repayment assistance will be made available all the way until June 2021. As such, we urge all our customers who require payment assistance to contact us immediately,” he added.

RHB’s Loan and Financing Payment Assistance program is applicable for both individual and Small and Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”). Among the Payment Assistance options available for its customers, upon submission of appropriate documentary evidence, include:

  • Payment deferment for customers who have lost their jobs or income, in which the Bank will provide 3 months’ payment deferment.
  • Reduction of instalment payment for customers who have suffered a reduction in salary or income, in which the Bank will provide reduction in instalment payment, for a period of at least 6 months.
  • Other forms of assistance available include payment of interest or profit only and lengthening of loan or financing tenor.

“Approval rate for repayment assistance applications is almost at 100%. Those that have not been approved are largely due to documents that are still pending, but we are simplifying this as much as possible,” said Khairussaleh.

RHB customers may contact the numbers below for further assistance:

Individual customers:

  • Mortgage (Residential & Commercial Property) and ASB Financing: 03‑2610 6000
  • Personal Financing and Hire Purchase: 03‑2776 3111


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