Green Campus Project to reduce up to 74,000 tonnes carbon footprint

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) today inked seven Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Go Energy Sdn Bhd (Go Energy) as part of UiTM’s Green Campus Project. 

The project aims to conserve energy consumption as well as generate clean energy for UiTM’s own consumption in all of its 35 campuses nationwide. It will support UiTM’s strategies for better management of energy consumption by at least 25 percent, thus reducing UiTM’s carbon footprint by approximately 74,000 tonnes per annum.

The execution of UiTM Green Campus Project will be undertaken by Go Energy over a period of three years, through five development phases, with the first phase taking place among UiTM campuses in Dungun, Permatang Pauh, Jengka, Kuala Pilah, Alor Gajah, Segamat and Bertam.

According to Mohd Azraai, the UiTM Vice-Chancellor, this is particularly pertinent despite the global slowdown caused by Covid-19. There is a greater focus on a sustainable long term energy future which will aid in UiTM’s efforts to become a carbon-neutral university. 

Norzaimah Maarof, the Group Chief Executive Officer of UiTM Holdings Group of Companies, added that UiTM Holdings had successfully completed and commissioned a 60MW  Large Scale Solar PV (LSSPV) Plant in Gambang, Pahang in April 2019 and that it was this achievement that has given UiTM the confidence in entrusting the development of UiTM  Green Campus Project.

UiTM Holdings is expected to invest RM285  million to develop the project, which will be significantly funded by a Green Islamic Financing  Facility to be procured from one of the biggest financial institutions in Malaysia.

The project, once completed in 2022, will boast a  combined capacity of up to 66MWp solar photovoltaic generating facilities in all UiTM campuses. 

Azraai added once completed, the project will not only be instrumental in UiTM achieving its sustainability goal but also shifts the university’s modus operandi to be more self-reliant. 

It will also create opportunities for UiTM’s lecturers and students to conduct relevant research activities and increase human capital capabilities, both academically and commercially within the new energy area. 

Additionally, graduates from UiTM may benefit from the project through employment with UiTM Holdings, and current students have the opportunity to intern and experience practical training in this soon-to-be renewable powerhouse of the nation. 

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