Budget 2021: Putrajaya allocates RM50.4 billion for development of education sector

The government has allocated RM50.4 billion, 15.6 percent of the country’s GDP for the education sector.

RM800 million will be allocated for repair works and maintenance of public schools, including the construction of open halls and roofed infrastructure.

An additional RM750 million will be allocated to upgrade infrastructures of 50 schools with severe infrastructure conditions. As for schools in rural Sabah and Sarawak, the government will carry out RM120 million worth  184 construction projects and installation of water tanks.

RM45 million has been allocated for the welfare of special needs students. As for higher education, RM14.4 billion allocated with RM50 million for upgrade and maintenance of infrastructure in public universities.

Putrajaya has also allocated RM50 million to upgrade the access line of the Malaysian Research & Education Network from 500Mbps to 10Gbps.

The government will also be working alongside BSN to allocate RM100 million for the funding of the BSN MyRinngit-I COMSIS.

Putrajaya has also announced tax relief of up to RM8,000 for the National Education Savings Scheme until 2022 to encourage parents to save for the higher education costs of their children.

RM6 billion has been allocated for TVET education with RM300 million ringgit allocated for loans to 24,000 TVET programme applicants.

Additionally, monthly allowance for the Dual Training National Plus System has been increased RM625 to RM1,000. RM60 million has been allocated to enable the increase and is expected to benefit up to 10,000 applicants.

RM29 million has been allocated to carry out TVET programmes to benefit 15,000 tahfiz students.

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