Budget 2021: Putrajaya to expand mobile bank services in Sabah and Sarawak

RM2.7 billion has been allocated from the Budget 2021 to upgrade and repair works of infrastructure in rural areas.

RM1.3 billion ringgit will be utilised to carry out road works as long  as 920 km and is expected to benefit over 290,000 citizens.

RM632 million from the total allocation will be utilised to supply water to rural areas targeting 4,800 households and RM250 million will be used to supply electricity to over 1,100 households.

RM355 million has been allocated for the Household Aid Programme that will be dedicated to repairworks of over 15,000 houses and to also build new houses.

RM 121 million will be used to fix 27,000 streetlight units as well as for maintenance of over 500,000 streetlight units.

Putrajaya will also expand mobile bank services in both Sabah and Sarawak and is aiming to help Malaysians in rural areas to gain access to basic banking services such as money transfer, bill payments as well as to access government financial aid.

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