COOKHOUSE announced new hybrid cloud kitchen concepts at 4 new locations

Cloud kitchen, COOKHOUSE has announced new hybrid cloud kitchen concept at four new locations within Klang Valley.

The kitchens can be found at Seventeen PJ, Glo Damansara TTDI, GMBB Bukit Bintang KL and Growers Market Jalan Ipoh.

“With these four new locations, we are providing bigger and better solutions to our residents. One main improvement is that these new locations have larger spaces and ample seating capacity to accommodate dine-in areas, additional studios and event spaces,” said Huen Su San, Founder of COOKHOUSE.

Through the cloud kitchen concept, COOKHOUSE believes that it will not put forward an additional mode for revenue through dine-in customers, but also help maintain the dine-in areas so that businesses can focus on preparing food and serving customers efficiently a lean team.

Cookhouse Growers Market

“With the launch of COOKHOUSE’s new locations, we hope to help smaller businesses and entrepreneurs modernize their operations and keep up with the rapid changes in the digital landscape by acclimating them to modern solutions such as mobile apps and food delivery.

For one of the locations, which is COOKHOUSE Seventeen, we are reaching out to vendors who specialize in cultural heritage food, especially those who have recipes passed-down the generations, as we want to provide them with a helping hand during these challenging times and help them diversify their customer reach. This location will be designated for non-halal food as compared to the two other outlets that will be strictly halal,” Su San added

Cookhouse Glo Damansara

The four new locations offer their own personalities and utilities that cater to a wide range of F&B businesses such as baking production, Asian & Western kitchens and even spaces for activities and artisan workshops.

The platform is also in works to innovate an all-in-one COOKHOUSE web app to facilitate deliveries and take-aways. More importantly, the app will also benefit dine-in customers who can access the menu and order through the application just by scanning a QR code.

Interested parties can take virtual tours to see more in-depth look on the design and facilities available at these new locations.

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