Proton Ventures Into Used Car Business

In order to assist new buyers in owning their favourite Proton vehicles, Proton Holdings is taking another step to complete the customer journey. As many buyers have existing vehicles that they would like to trade-in, the car manufacturer is now willing take in the vehicles at competitive market value for its own used car business that the company has just set up.

The Proton Certified Pre-Owned program has a web portal that will allow customers to browse through current stocks available at 36 dealers nationwide, and also trade-in their cars. In a statement, Proton said as its sales grew in 2019, it became apparent that processing customers’ trade-ins efficiently was key to maintaining the growth rate. 

Proton Edar chief executive officer Roslan Abdullah said to facilitate this, Proton has established a Used Car Management (UCM) division to grow a network of dealers to sell used cars alongside new ones.

“Other requirements for PCPO cars include being less than seven years old with less than 130,000 kilometres covered at the time of trade-in, and they must also not have any flood or major accident damage that may affect their structural integrity,” he said.

According to Roslan, Proton’s PCPO was the next step for the company to build a holistic ecosystem.

“As we continue to offer new and improved products, we also want to attract those interested in purchasing used cars and offer a quick and easy way for customers to trade-in their current vehicle,” he said.

He added that all PCPO cars will get an extended one-year warranty for the engine and transmission as well as a free service, redeemable up to six-months after the date of registration.

Roslan said the website will also offer cars from other brands that have been traded-in via the PCPO, but noted that the vehicles will not receive an extended warranty from the company.

However, the vehicles will still be thoroughly inspected and repaired if necessary prior to being put up for sale.

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