Snowflake partners with to enhance data processing capabilities

Snowflake has announced its partnership with, a retail measurement and targeted marketing platform to enhance data update performance across hundreds of millions of shopper transactions across small neighbourhood grocers in South-East Asia.

With Snowflake, can now expand their data network via the Snowflake Data Cloud and be the platform that facilitates efficient data sharing and seamless retailer and brand interaction for targeted marketing and sales optimisation.

“ needs to access and process data from various PoS systems, especially when it comes to onboarding new merchants every month in different countries. Snowflake’s platform provides the tools we need to securely integrate data from a vast network of merchants and retailers, and convert the data to actionable customer insights,” said Edward Yeh, Chief Technology Officer at

“We are glad that Snowflake’s platform can support small and medium businesses, help to increase their category sales, enhance the return of investments (ROI) in marketing, and improve shopper experience. 

Snowflake looks forward to supporting in enabling this partnership between merchants and brands,” said Geoff Soon, Snowflake’s Managing Director for South Asia.

“We have been successful in helping organisations scale their database ecosystem with Snowflake Data Cloud and is no exception. We are excited to be part of’s efforts to bridge brands, retailers, and customers through our simple, secure, and seamless cloud data platform,” added Elliot Jones, Snowflake’s Sales Director for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Macao.


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