Improving your well-deserved good night’s sleep with the Coway Prime Series Mattress

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, but we seldom give proper attention to the mattress that we sleep on and to upgrade this part of our lives, Coway is keen on improving the sleep quality of Malaysians.

With the increase of health-conscious consumers in the market, Coway Malaysia is dedicated to provide life-changing solutions to all, including good sleep.

In an interview with BusinessToday, Austin Choi, Head of Customer Care Division of Coway Malaysia shares with us the launch of the new Coway Prime Series Mattress and the benefits of getting right mattress.

Austin Choi, Head of Customer Care Division of Coway Malaysia

The launch of the Coway Prime Series Mattress is part of the company’s efforts in becoming a more holistic life care company. According to Choi, research shows that as many as nine out of 10 Malaysians suffer from sleep disorders.

These include difficulty in falling asleep, waking in the middle of the night and waking up tired while suffering symptoms associated with the lack of sleep such as headaches, trouble concentrating, and shoulder or neck pain.

Quality sleep is important in building a strong immune system, to heighten productivity and to also enhance the overall well-being and health. However, having a good and premium mattress in Malaysia is costly and not everyone is able to afford them.

Therefore, Coway introduced its Prime Series Mattress, the first premium mattress rental with a care service in Malaysia. The series was launched earlier this year in February and while Coway’s latest offering have received a lot of positive feedbacks and raked in high demand in South Korea for years, the company have also worked with the researchers to develop a similar mattress series for Malaysians so more people can enjoy the benefits across the globe.

The Coway Prime Series Mattress is a perfect combination of various materials: the anti-static fabric, five-zone pocket spring, 100 percent natural latex, memory foam, coconut fibre and foam. Together, they can provide an excellent sleeping solution for all.

What differs Coway Malaysia’s unique selling proposition from other brands? The company is the first in the country to provide a Premium Mattress Rental with Regular Care Service. Customers who purchased or have subscribed to Coway’s Prime Series Mattress will receive a complimentary Coway 7-Step Mattress Care Service performed by the company’s professional Homecare Technician (HT) once every four months.

“You will be surprised how dirty your bed may be, not visible to human eyes. Litres of salty sweat, dead skin, dust roll with you when you roll on your bed. And our high-tech imported equipment can do lots more than your usual vacuuming and sun bathing,” says Choi.

Which is why other than being the first company to provide Premium Mattress Rental with Regular Care Service, the Coway Prime Series Mattress comes with a 5-zone pocket spring system which adapts to the sleeper’s body’s natural curves and weight. It also helps to reduce motion transfer and disturbance from the restless partner if you share a bed with another person, so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

The anti-fabric in Coway’s mattress is able to reduce body static by absorbing and releasing it into the air. Body static is caused by many reasons, like friction from clothes, walking on carpets or prolonged cause discomfort and tension to the body, hence affecting the quality of sleep.

Dust mites, dandruff, bacteria, sweat and dead skin cells are common contaminants on just about any mattress, and not all stains could be removed. These contaminants will cause allergies, asthma, runny nose, sneezing, skin allergy and pink eyes.

Moreover, a changeable mattress topper is also provided by Coway Prime Series Mattress, which is less costly than replacing the entire mattress. It also provides your body with optimum comfort at all times, helping to keep the mattress cleaner and lasting for a longer duration.

Coway also came up with the idea of creating a rental subscription scheme for mattresses because the company believes that a healthy lifestyle does not necessarily need to cost a fortune. With the rental subscription scheme, the company aims to make healthy living more affordable, so that more people could enjoy good sleep with a quality mattress.

Don’t worry about getting second hand mattresses as all of Coway’s mattresses are brand new from the factory, with affordable price. On top of that, the professional and caring HT of the company will ensure that their mattress is clean so that everyone could enjoy the perfect sleeping experience every night.

Coway received encouraging responses from fellow Malaysians since the launch of the mattress and over 13,000 units of Coway Prime Series Mattresses have been sold to date. The Prime Series Mattress comes in both King and Queen sizes and customers can either choose the firm or soft type mattresses according to their preferences.

For the convenience of customers, there is also an additional option of a bed frame. It is worth noting that there is a difference between the outright subscription purchases and rental subscription scheme. For customers who opt for rental subscription scheme, they will be entitled for five-year free Mattress Care Service.

With Coway’s rental subscription scheme from RM139 per month, you could enjoy great support and the comfort of a 5-star hotel mattress right in your own bedroom every night for RM4.60. For customers who choose to outright purchase, you could purchase it from RM 5,780 and you will be able to enjoy 1-year free Mattress Care Service performed by the company’s professional technicians.

Many people will put in a lot of effort to keep their bedroom clean and tidy, but the mattress hygiene is often overlooked. Coway 7-Step Mattress Care Service includes dust level measuring, frame cleaning, frame wiping, side edge cleaning, mattress cleaning, spraying dust mite repellent and UV sterilisation.

Coway also offers a complimentary fogging disinfection service as part of its services offered by their Homecare technicians who come to provide the standard Coway Mattress Care service. Coway’s team of HT is still expanding to fulfill the growing needs of Malaysian consumers. There is currently 300 HTs on the team and the company’s mattress care service covers both West and East Malaysia.

But if you are not using the Coway mattresses, you can take care of your mattress hygiene by subscribing to the care service instead.

“We care for everyone, you could subscribe to the 1-time Mattress Care Service to try out our services. If you would like a year-long regular service, we also have the option of 1-year Mattress Care Service for subscription,” Austin added. Since the launch of the Coway 7-step mattress Care Service in April last year, Coway now has more than 3,000 active clients and more than 92,000 mattress units have been cleaned throughout Malaysia by the company.

The Coway’s mattress and care service will definitely uplift your overall sleeping experience with a combination of support and hygiene.

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