Make your clothes last longer with precise detergent dosing

Electrolux’s Ultimate Care™ 900 with Autodose technology releases precisely the correct amount of liquid detergent and softener based on your fabric type and load size. This means that you can be confident your clothes will be cleaned and well cared for and protected from everyday wear and tear for longer.

Most clothes are discarded prematurely due to faded colours, shrinkage, and misshaping as a result of frequent washing. These discarded clothes are likely to end up in landfills, where they pile up to produce toxic greenhouse gasses that are emitted into the atmosphere. 

As a leading cause of global warming, these gases are very dangerous for our environment and hazardous for our health. By exercising better laundry care habits, this could be prevented, while expanding the lifecycle of garments. 

“Electrolux strives to ensure that its products, services, and production contribute to sustainable development, which is why we are always finding ways to better our products and reduce harsh impacts on our environment,” said Koh Soh Hoie, General Manager of Electrolux Malaysia. 

With this in mind, Electrolux has expanded its UltimateCare™ line of front-load washers to include one model in the same range. This 11kg premium model of Electrolux washer is designed with the UltraMix™ System that premixes the detergent to deliver deeper clean. 

Now it comes with an added feature called the Autodose technology, which releases precisely the correct amount of liquid detergent and softener based on your fabric type and load size. Precise dosing means less wear and tear due to accurate dosing of liquid detergent and softener compared to powder. 

The UltraMix™ System premixes the detergent to deliver deeper clean and 40 percent better colour care to keep clothes looking vibrant and new for a longer period of time. This patented pre-mixing technology dissolves the detergent before it reaches your clothes and cleans even the most delicate garments. 

Additionally, the 35-minute Vapour Refresh Cycle quickly refreshes garments and smoothes out creases. The Electrolux Life app provides advice to care for 48 different fabric types and the Electrolux washers also come equipped with Gentle Vapour Care action that softens fabric and option which removes up to 99.9 percent of allergens and germs at the end of a cycle.

Electrolux UltimateCare™ 900 Autodose technology washer pricing and model is as stated below: 

EWF1141SEWA — UltimateCare™ 900 Autodose technology Front Load Washer (White/ Black Full Lens Door) – RM5,099

All Electrolux washers come with 2 years of General Warranty, 10 years warranty for front-load washer motors, and 5-years for top-load washer motors to give consumers peace of mind.

All models are available at all authorised Electrolux stores nationwide. 


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