Genesys partners with Affin Bank to transform customer experience capabilities

Genesys®, the global cloud customer experience, and contact centre solutions provider has partnered with Affin Bank transform its customer experience (CX) capabilities for a digital audience by realising its vision of omnichannel delivery through the Genesys Engage™ platform. 

Since the implementation of Genesys Engage, Affin Bank was able to lower its operational costs, improve telesales capability by 50 percent, and reduce the average call abandonment rate by 40 percent.

Now, Affin Bank offers customers access to seamless, easy-to-use digital channels, including email, webchat, and social media, in addition to traditional phone calls. This has enabled the Bank to more efficiently manage support experiences, creating opportunities to better serve and deepen relationships with its customers.

The Genesys Engage platform, a full suite of omnichannel capabilities coupled with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) self-service solution, helped Affin Bank to streamline its call centre operations. In addition to reducing turnaround time, other benefits include:

  • Better Performance Management – Agents were able to monitor their individual performance in ‘real-time’, allowing them to identify areas for improvement
  • Improved efficiency – A single interaction recording depository with comprehensive search functions, facilitating call follow-ups and continuity among agents across multiple sites or interactions
  • Simplified Processes – Calls can be easily re-routed without third party dependency
  • Enhanced Customer Visibility– Collection of customer data that is analysed for actionable insights to improve customer experiences and retention.

On implementing the platform, Affin Bank established itself as one of the best contact centres in Malaysia with Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IPVPN) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) integration.

Operationally, Genesys also helped the bank elevate its sales efforts by increasing the number of attempts to dial out for telemarketing purposes using its softphone capabilities. This led to Affin Bank registering a significant spike in telesales, setting a record for the bank.

“The partnership with Genesys has enabled us to serve our customers more effectively and efficiently. Our industry-leading contact centre has moved beyond a mere transactional platform, today representing a conduit for relationship building. 

We are constantly raising the bar in our customer experience strategy to retain and attract more customers,” Wan Razly Abdullah Wan Ali, President and Group Chief Executive Officer at Affin Bank Berhad said.

“In today’s digital economy, businesses need to be able to seamlessly serve their customer base across multiple channels by accelerating their digital transformation agenda. 

We look forward to deepening our collaboration with Affin Bank as it continues to push boundaries and keep in step with the evolving market and customer demands in a digital economy,” Gwilym Funnell, Senior Vice President, and General Manager at Genesys Asia-Pacific said.


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