Dattel to uplift 10,000 businesses in Malaysia with RM50 million data fund

Dattel Asia Group, a consumer data & analytics company in ASEAN, has recently launched UPLIFT Malaysia, an initiative to empower 10,000 businesses with actionable insights on the latest consumer behaviour through a RM50 million data fund. 

This initiative aims to help individuals who have lost jobs or businesses due to the recent economic downturn to recuperate sustainably.

With so many changes happening at an unprecedented rate, companies do not have the necessary insights that are up-to-date and comprehensive for them to pivot their business or marketing strategy.

To address this, Dattel Asia has partnered with several powerhouses in the industry to launch UPLIFT Malaysia. The primary goal of this initiative is to ensure that businesses in Malaysia have the necessary access to accurate data which are usually made available only to large companies. 

“We aspire to uplift 10,000 companies and nurture business communities that are more #celikdata in the country. For you to have a competitive edge in business, you need a reliable source of data that continuously gives you new perspectives of the market,” Ashran Ghazi, Chief Executive Officer, Dattel Asia said.

Among the industry players that have joined forces with Dattel Asia for UPLIFT Malaysia are BAC Education Group, Transcosmos Malaysia, and ZBRA Business Research & Analytics. 

UPLIFT has gained the support of Institut Keusahawanan Negara (INSKEN), Owners Circle, and Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi (MEDAC). Dattel Asia hopes more industry players will come forward and contribute to the initiative.

Applications for UPLIFT data fund are open to any individuals or companies, especially those interested in consumer-facing business such as retail, fashion, F&B, fitness, beauty, health, or snacks. 

Upon review, successful applicants will receive access to consumer data & training packages worth RM 5,000 and weekly updates on consumers’ Covid-19 sentiment and behaviours.


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