Elevating the property search game

Businesses have had to learn to pivot and offer consumers a new way to embrace their products thanks to the constant changes brought on by the pandemic. Many adopted digitalisation and immediately catered to the needs of their customers.

While we saw these changes rampant among essential service providers, the property market also saw the need to make the necessary changes. Developers started offering virtual tours as part of their accordance to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) implemented.

Within the property segment, Nextsix is playing an equally crucial role as well. “We aim to elevate the property-search experience by instantaneously connecting home buyers or property investors to professional real estate agents around the area,” says Sai Yien, IT Director of  NextSix.

The app launched by the team enables this through its “GPS Your Agent” function.

“Buyers are able to get in touch with professional agents online in the area instantaneously, to acquire more information, arrange or appointment to meet or seek further advice.”

Alternatively, buyers can also use the GPS function for properties directly, instead of agents. This allows them to locate the properties more accurately when they already in the area.

NextSix believes that it is vital to recognise real estate agents as the main sources of information, not just for buyers, but for sellers as well as they provide insights that sometimes owners and sellers themselves are unaware of despite owning the property.

Agents have most, if not all, the information on hand for buyers to decide if a property is suitable. This Sai says is true for the secondary property market as each and every property is unique.

“The real estate industry is still rather traditional compared to many other industries, availability of information is not as comprehensive, nor is the transparency in dissemination of information about the properties. Most of the times, buyers do not have sufficient access to a lot of crucial information about the properties,” he tells BusinessToday.

One of the most common scenarios are buyers or tenants would research on the interested area of purchase or rent by visiting the place. Through Nextsix, buyers are able to instantaneously connect with professional agents nearby.

Sai says that the agents that potential buyers connect with are mostly agents focusing on particular areas. This is due to a trait of the property industry, where agents will often be around the area they focus on to meet new and existing clients.

“We are also providing a smarter and more efficient way for potential customers to look for their ideal properties. We elevate the property searching experience by encompassing innovative features such as 3D Home Tour and Video display attached to each and every property,” he highlights.

3D technology is no longer just available for new projects, but can done on subsale and rent units.

NextSix will also be launching two new features on the app soon, HomeMall and HomePro.

The HomeMall feature on the app is a function that provides over 800 merchant selling real estate related products meanwhile the HomePro is a function that provides real estate related services such as bankers and lawyers.

Bracing through Covid-19

The pandemic according to Sai has affected several property agents’ livelihood while at the same time  has helped and improved others’. This is due to the transactional nature of the real estate sector.

“When times are challenging for some property owners, it’s a good buying time for certain investors with reserved case. Transactions still take place.”

“Despite the Covid situation in the country, we have seen promising feedback and take up rate from the market, with 1,500 agents enlisted across Malaysia and over 5,000 properties combined for sale and rent. This will definitely enhance the property search experience for potential buyers and tenants,” Sai tells BusinessToday.

The platform will also be launching its “You Deserve A Better Deal” Campaign where customers can use the app to search for properties and stand a chance to win prizes which will include vouchers from The Make Over Guys, Majuhome and MK Curtain as well as GrabPay credits and Shopee Vouchers.

“The lucrative prizes will definitely lessen the financial burden that customers face after purchasing/renting a property, as there will still be money forked out for renovation, furnitures and purchasing other household items.

Same time, we hope to stimulate the economy and market as well, a little bit more push to buyers who have been shopping around for properties,” Sai says.

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