TE Asia Healthcare Partners to collaborate with Beacon Malaysia to deliver efficient and high-quality care together

TE Asia Healthcare Partners (TE Asia), a private healthcare investment and operations platform, has formed a strategic collaboration with Beacon Hospital, Malaysia’s leading oncology specialist hospital. Along with this partnership, TE Asia will acquire a significant stake in Beacon Hospital. This is in line with TE Asia’s strategy in establishing single-specialty hospitals that bring clinician expertise and healthcare operators together to deliver efficient and high-quality care.

“The healthcare landscape is changing. Patients are becoming more sophisticated and proactive in exploring options for their needs. As medicine grows increasingly complex, healthcare needs to cater to more specific and specialized demands. To better fulfill such needs, we are further expanding our Integrated Oncology Centres (IOC) regional portfolio with Beacon Hospital onboard,” Eng Aik Meng, Group Chief Executive Officer of TE Healthcare said.

Beacon Hospital is a multidisciplinary hospital with a focus on oncology treatments. It recently received re-accreditation as an European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care and is the first hospital in Malaysia to receive an ESMO re-accreditation.

TE Healthcare’s IOC portfolio now includes 7 oncology centres and more than 40 oncologists across Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. By coordinating resources, sharing best practices, and tapping on economies of scale, IOC benefits both doctors and patients.

Compared to traditional multi-specialty healthcare, single-specialty hospitals offer the advantages of specialisation, reduce operational costs, require less capital, and more importantly, improve patient accessibility. “Our doctors are our partners and hence involved in all major decisions. Their success becomes our success. The IOC platform enables doctors to focus on a particular set of diseases and be assured of access to capital and operational & management expertise. With this, we expect to provide better outcomes to all our patients,” Eng Aik Meng added.

“We are excited to be part of TE Asia Healthcare Partners’ IOC network as it will immediately benefit our doctors and patients through various collaborations. We remain committed to offering the same, if not better, high-quality treatments to patients under our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, which has subsidized more than RM32 million of treatment costs for the under-privileged since 2011. We will continue to be very passionate in providing the best treatment to patients from all walks of life through various initiatives. In line with our vision to be A Good Hospital, this is our contribution to Malaysia’s healthcare delivery system,” Mary Chen, Managing Director of Beacon Hospital said.

On future prospects, Eng Aik Meng believes there are huge opportunities in the region. “We see a huge demand in specialty healthcare services in Malaysia as well as the rest of Southeast Asia. We are actively exploring new collaborations with top healthcare professionals. In the pipeline for 2021,  we are already working with a few of Malaysia’s leading spine and joint surgeons to open a specialty orthopaedics centre in HSC Medical Centre. We are also opening new specialty centres in Singapore and Indonesia.” Other than Beacon Hospital and HSC Medical Centre, TE Asia Healthcare Platform’s portfolio in Malaysia includes Cardiac Vascular Sentral KL (CVSKL).

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