HSBC Malaysia’s 2020 digital innovation highlights

As one of the country’s leading banks with cutting edge digital capabilities, HSBC Malaysia has achieved numerous digital innovation milestones in 2020. Below are some of HSBC Malaysia’s digital innovation highlights: 

For individuals 

  • First bank to launch 24/7 Digital Account Opening 
  • 24/7 unit trust browser with powerful funds research functions and remote engagement services 
  • Mobile secure key for an inclusive and seamless banking experience ∙ Voice ID 
  • International transfers and investments 
  • AI Powered US Equity 5 Index 

For businesses 

  • First bank to launch Omni Channel 
  • Launch of auto account registration and account opening 
  • Live sign
  • Mobile authentication 
  • Virtual card 
  • MoU with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to enhance the  adoption of  technology among SMEs, large local corporates and MNCs ∙ Co-creation and Partnership  with key businesses and organisations ∙ HSBC Business Resilience Series webinar 
  • HSBC Illuminate Series webinar 

“This  year we have witnessed landmark partnerships and co-creation collaborations  between HSBC and key Malaysian businesses. 

We continue to invest substantially in  the simplification of our processes and the digitisation of our solutions to benefit our  customers; and organise regular digital engagement initiatives as part of our  continuous effort to keep our customers abreast of the latest digital insights that would  help their businesses thrive during this time,” Andrew Sill, Country Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC Malaysia said. 

“This year has been a challenging year for many individuals, and this has pushed us  to re-look at the way we reach out to our individual customers. Our continuous effort  in enhancing our digital innovations is timely to provide an even more convenient  banking experience and serve the evolving needs of our customers. 

We will ride on  the momentum of our digital initiatives in 2020 and continue to work towards our vision  of becoming the bank in our customers’ pocket 24/7,” Tara Latini, Country Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, HSBC Malaysia stated. 

The digital innovations and initiatives by HSBC Malaysia also received recognition and  accolades including the ‘Best Service Provider, Cash Management (Malaysia)’ award  and the ‘Best Payments & Collections Solution’ award by The Asset Triple A Treasury,  Trade, Supply Chain and Risk Management Awards 2020; the ‘Online Services  (Banking)’ award and the ‘Information Management (Banking)’ award by Malaysia.


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