TIME launches OmniMesh for a seamless indoor internet experience

TIME dotCom Berhad (“TIME”) has unveiled the OmniMesh, a home WiFi solution designed to blanket homes in WiFi over a single, seamless network. OmniMesh complements TIME Fibre Home Broadband by delivering strong and stable wireless connections to every corner of the home at consistent speeds for an enhanced indoor Internet experience.

OmniMesh devices, when paired, create a single complete mesh WiFi network for whole-home coverage by capturing and rebroadcasting wireless signals to hard-to-reach corners, without compromising on speed.

TIME’s solution to solve WiFi woes at home is built on the latest Smart WiFi technology that ensures everyone in the household gets connected to the strongest, fastest signal automatically.

In addition to this, TIME has also improved its ability to diagnose and troubleshoot WiFi connectivity issues more quickly and more accurately with the deployment of the Network Cloud Engine (NCE) management and analysis software in its network.

“We’re always upgrading our network and products to elevate the home Internet experience and deliver on our ‘Broadband Done Right’ promise. The launch of OmniMesh and the deployment of NCE enables us to give our customers a holistic quality of experience from daily usage to faster and better support,” said TJ Ang, Chief Technology Officer of TIME.

This launch sees TIME introduce two new mesh router models to accompany its TIME Fibre Home Broadband plans. Unlike traditional base routers that require one mesh node to be placed next to them in order to enable mesh WiFi capabilities, TIME’s base routers come with built-in mesh WiFi technology. This translates to an easy, more affordable mesh WiFi setup with fewer devices required for widespread coverage.

The OmniMesh Essential and Enhanced mesh node ranges come in Starter, Booster and Super packs that are comprised of one, two and three mesh nodes respectively. These will extend coverage in homes of all sizes, ensuring the delivery of ultrafast and consistent connections to all users in all spaces.

OmniMesh is available for all TIME Fibre Home Broadband plans that start from RM99/month. To commemorate this launch, TIME is running a “Free Mesh WiFi” promotion where 1Gbps subscribers will get a free Enhanced Starter pack. This offer is valid for a limited time only.

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