MATTA signs MoU with GOJO to further promote tourism industry

The Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GOJO e-hailing provider.

MATTA Vice President of Land Transportation Subramaniam Kandasamy said, “The strategic partnership from this Memorandum signifies our commitment to expand our members’ businesses opportunities in the tourism industry, including transportation. Our effort is to leverage the usage of technology through the e-hailing platform to enable our members who are transport operators to enlist their available fleet of vehicles on the GOJO app.”

“The Memorandum is also forged in order to help promote the tourism industry, for the inbound and domestic sectors, in particular land transportation in Malaysia through networking, marketing, and promotion activities. This could support business sustenance of our members during and after this current difficult period due to the pandemic.”

“The transport operators, who are members of MATTA, are well-trained and experienced operators to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers, and the vehicles are well equipped with features that are on par with other vehicles. The vehicles provided by our members also provide advantages in terms of having a large capacity and in a good condition to travel overland between the states.”

The Chief Operating Officer of GOJO Transport App, SBS Pradeep Kumar, said “GOJO partners with MATTA, to connect thousands of tourism vehicles with e-hailing ground transportation jobs.” “Our latest partnership with MATTA is our commitment to help jumpstart the recovery of our vibrant domestic tourism, through our proprietary technology – Intercity, that offers on-demand, empty vehicle seats in long distance trips at affordable prices.”

MATTA Vice President of Land Transportation, Subramaniam also said “MATTA and GOJO can establish synergy for a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties and for the enhancement of the tourism industry in the country through this partnership.”

“With the signing of this Memorandum, MATTA looks forward for an effective collaboration with GOJO as part of revitalizing the current difficult conditions in the tourism industry into the future. The Memorandum is also of significance as it is an opportunity for new business model with technology towards a better and more sustainable tourism for the future.”

Subramaniam added “The Land Transport Public Agency (APAD), under the Ministry of Transport, now allows public vehicles such as tour van below 11 seaters to be used for e-hailing services, subject to the vehicle’s age and must be registered with any e-hailing app that is licensed by APAD. We strongly encourage our members with transport business to embrace technology to enhance their business to a higher level, and for a start to register for this GOJO Transport App.”

“MATTA wants to thank the Government for approving for tourism vehicles to be used in e-hailing services. We are happy that this approval allows our members more business opportunities and helps to provide better transportation facilities for the tourism industry in Malaysia”, Subramaniam concluded.

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