Mondelēz International pledges for company-wide flexible working across worldwide operations, including Malaysia.

Snacks company, Mondelēz International has pledged for company-wide flexible working across its worldwide operations, including Malaysia.

Through its Flexible Working Pledge, the company is empowering employees to work in a way that suits their overall life, while finding a balance between both professional and personal needs.

The response for Mondelēz International was to not only adapt to the “new normal” but to commit to a way of working which would support its people’s productivity today and in the future.

The Pledge embodies Mondelēz International trust in its people to work flexibly and productively; shows empathy by encouraging belonging and connection; and being mindful of making space and taking time. With the SEA Flexible Working Pledge, employees are encouraged to plan meetings only between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm local time; not expect same-day responses after 6:00 pm requests; and take time back after exceptional late-evening requests or meetings, at the next possible opportunity.

“We aim to be sensitive to all our colleagues’ personal and family needs and respect their time and boundaries. We would like to enable our people to take care of their well-being and to continuously check in on each other to sustain our teamwork,” shares Glenn Caton, Mondelēz International Business Unit President for South East Asia.

ThisBusiness Unit covers Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as the Company’s Exports Business in the region.  

The work-from-home lifestyle has become more than just a supplement to curb the spread of Covid-19. Prior to the pandemic, the Flexible Working Arrangement practice has been in place which has ease colleagues to cope with the current working arrangement. Focus on colleagues well-being continue through The Right You Club.

Rethinking what we used to consider as a workday is the first step in adapting to the evolving structure of modern workplace. The Flexible Working Pledge supports our people by enabling the time they need for their families or themselves, while ensuring that we continue to remain productive as a business,” said James Kane, Mondelēz International Managing Director for Malaysia.

Complementing the move towards flexible working arrangements, a survey by KPMG revealed that 60% of Malaysians agreed that work-from-home should continue after the movement control order as part of the new normal.

The Pledge fits well with the company’s diverse workforce in Malaysia, notably where 35 percent are working mothers. The new practices are also extended to all employees at the company’s production plants in Shah Alam and Prai, Penang.

Together with the South East Asia Leadership Team, Caton has also made a personal commitment for their teams in support of the Flexible Working Pledge. “We believe in the benefits of flexible working, as such this is a commitment, we’re making not only during this time of the pandemic but will apply even once we’ve emerged from lockdowns,” added Caton.

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