Premier Digital Media

Reach Publishing has progressively grown over the decades to become one of Malaysia’s most trusted, reputable and respected media groups.

Incorporated in 1999, we have moved with the times – from when the internet was in its infancy to its pervasive nature today – to offer government, industries and, most importantly, readers insights into the economy, trends, consumer and emerging technologies. For advertisers, it is our aim to provide ‘bang for the buck’ with our huge and influential reach to both diverse and targeted audiences.

From a full suite of digital media offerings including our news portal, social media, video and newsletter, we have also added contract publishing and road shows to colleges and universities within our portfolio. Here at Reach Publishing we offer a 360 approach in marketing to our clients and allow our readers to read our content in whichever platform they choose, online, print and mobile. Our media titles include include, Business Today, Travel & Dining, Euro, World Cup,<>,<> and specialised contract publishing.

Tier One Media

With our track record spanning more than two decades, we have attained Tier 1 status media standing due to our amazing award winning work in various industries – Technology, Enterprise, Business and Finance for PR agencies and clients. Our team’s constant engagements with the private sector, public, NGOs, government agencies and educational institutions, keep us in constant touch with the market and economy and, concurrently, provide readers constructive unbiased views so that they are able to formulate their own opinion on issues that matter.<> and Business Today<>  are No. 1 titles in their respective fields, namely  Technology, Business, Digital Transformation and Economy.

Recognitions & Awards

  *   SOMA Award
  *   Top 3 Consumer Technology Title in Asia by MediaConnect Asia
  *   Best Technology Journalist by MediaConnect Asia
  *   Pikom Award
  *   MPH Best Selling Magazine and more

Media Partnership

  *   MITI
  *   Green Technology
  *   Ministry of Agriculture
  *   APEC 2020
  *   MDEC
  *   MAGIC 

Colleges & Universities- Partnership with over 370 varsities


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