Boustead Naval Shipyard launches fourth KERIS-class Littoral Mission Ship

Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) has launched the fourth KERIS-class Littoral Mission Ship (LMS4) belonging to the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) on Dec 16.

BNS is the associate company of Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation Berhad (BHIC), a subsidiary of Boustead Holdings Berhad,

LMS4 is the final of four units of LMS built in China by the Wuchang Shipbuilding Industrial Group Shipyard (WSIG). The 68.8 meter-long ship with Pennant Number 114 entered the water in a ceremony held at WSIG’s facility in Wuhan, China and is ready to undergo a series of Harbour Acceptance Tests and Trials (HATs), and subsequently Sea Acceptance Tests and Trials (SATs).

LMS4 will be named at a special ceremony during its Physical Handing-Over to the RMN, scheduled in November 2021. It will join RMN’s 11th Patrol Vessel Squadron, together with Kapal Diraja KERIS (LMS1), SUNDANG (LMS2) and the yet-to-be-named LMS3. 

All four units of the LMS comply with the Rules of Classification of Naval Ship 2016 (RCSNS 16) issued by China Classification Society (CCS), a member of the prestigious International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).  These ships are capable of carrying out multi-mission roles and operating in all weather conditions.

The LMS is a new class of RMN warships that will bolster Malaysia’s maritime defence, as part of the RMN’s 15to5 Transformation Programme to replace current warships and create an efficient, fit-for-purpose Fleet, in which RMN plans to have 18 units of LMS.

The LMS will be a significant addition to enhance RMN’s capability to conduct naval operations, enforce Malaysia’s maritime law to safeguard its economic and strategic interests, secure its vast maritime borders and promote naval diplomacy.

BHIC Chairman, Ramlan Mohamed Ali said BHIC is proud of its contribution to the Nation’s maritime defence through the LMS Programme.

“The successful launchings of all 4 LMSs and the on-time handing-over of Kapal Diraja KERIS to the RMN is a clear result of the very close working relationship between RMN and BNS personnel tasked to oversee the Programme in China. With our proven track record, we are hopeful of participating in the subsequent batches of the LMS projects”, he said.

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