UITM Looks Beyond Campus To Teach Students Entrepreneurship Skills

Universiti Teknologi Mara signed a memorandum of understanding with three global and local companies to provide opportunities for its students to explore entrepreneurship. The varsity will be collaborating with Shopee Mobile Malaysia, Xinn Global Sdn Bhd and Simply SS Trading to harness their knowledge and imparting useful skills to the students.

According to UITM Board Chairman, Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin the move was a continuation of the UiTM Strategic Plan 2025 to provide opportunities for students to venture into entrepreneurship as the COVID-19 pandemic currently would make it quite difficult for them to get a job.

“UiTM is concerned that our prospective graduates will find it difficult to get a job due to the impact of COVID-19, so we created this initiative to ensure they can be independent by becoming entrepreneurs.

All three brands have their own unique proposition, Simply SS Trading which is famous for its beauty products, will have UiTM branches in Machang, Kelantan; Dungun, Terengganu and Jengka, Pahang involve in a pilot project for the implementation of business initiatives on a ‘dropship’ basis.

As for Shopee Mobile Malaysia, the University will leverage the company’s expertise to create an online business platform called ‘UiTM Marketplace’ to give students the opportunity to market products including their own. In collaboration with Xinn Global, the Chairman added the dim sum food company would offer its business kiosks to six selected UiTM students in the Klang Valley as a start.

Students are encouraged to take up the opportunity and if they are keen becoming entrepreneurs they will be trained by the SME Development Academy and UiTM entrepreneurs.


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