Shang & Co. introduces Malaysia’s first AI assistant specialising in labor law

Shang & Co has developed AskAILA, the nation’s first artificial legal assistant that aims to provide employers and employees with accessible legal advice at a fraction of the cost of legal advice from that of a law firm.

AskAILA is an AI-driven software application that is trained and fitted with Malaysian Labour Law and regulations that are sufficient to support Malaysian human resources and employers. 

Its principal goal is to provide consumers in need of legal advice with appropriate assistance. In the quickest amount of time, AskAILA offers consumers the most effective options, thereby saving costs and resources.

“With Covid-19 affecting both businesses and employees negatively, the constant struggle to survive and make ends meet has resulted in many difficult decisions. Letting an employee go is not an easy choice for any employer. 

Meanwhile, for employees, losing a job without a potential alternative is very daunting. Understanding the sensitivity of the situation, we created AskAILA as a preemptive solution for both parties to seek legal advice and guidance when discussing employment terms, be it termination or otherwise. 

Ultimately, our vision is to prevent unnecessarily time-consuming and costly employment disputes by ensuring that both employer and employee are armed with adequate legal knowledge and guidance,” Fion, Founder of AskAILA explained.

Currently, the software is used to supplement Shang & Co.’s team of lawyers led by Chris Chin, the Founding Partner of Shang & Co, with the assistance of Shayne Thum and Regene Ng, Partners of Shang & Co. 

AskAILA offers 24/7 assistance in HR-related matters by supplying the requisite HR sample documents and checklists to eradicate mistakes and non-compliance to save legal costs and penalties, which will prove useful for employers in SMEs looking up Malaysian Labor Law. 

In addition, a highly dedicated team of legal experts and consultants will be able to provide on-station services any time of the day.

“There is no trained AI in Asia that specialises in Labor Law, making AskAILA the first of its kind. This revolutionary platform embodies the Malaysian spirit – to push through as one nation and to overcome any obstacles that come our way, to come up with innovative methods to better adapt to our current situation. 

We are sure that AskAILA can provide employers and employees alike an ease of mind because we believe that when employers are being guided with proper advice to reduce unnecessary legal disputes that may cause financial burden for all parties involved. 

All in all, AskAILA aims to reduce procedural error committed by employers that may cost the company up to millions of Ringgit in compensation,” Chris Chin stated.

AskAILA is now available at a fixed fee from RM 268 a month. 

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