Dell Technologies to actively invest and innovate to capture more market share this year

John Roese, Global Chief Technology Officer (Global CTO) of Dell Technologies, was very optimistic about the future of technology in years to come despite the Covid-19 outbreak last year.

Speaking at the Dell Technologies 2021 Perspectives Media Briefing, Roese said enterprises have survived by navigating through the uncertainties and challenges from the outbreak.

The Global CTO added that Dell Technologies have invested US$20 billion in research and development in the last five years. This is to make sure countries and customers can build up their capabilities such as healthcare, education, and data.

He also added that Dell Technologies have been relatively well even during Covid-19 times.

The overview for Q3FY21 is that Dell Technologies will enjoy a unique position to win in the growing market and are actively investing and innovating to capture the market.

“We have now been through a difficult year and have survived navigating through the uncertainties and challenges due to the outbreak. Dell Technologies have shown resiliency and is ready for what is to come,”

“The company has record shipments, revenue, and profitability for Client Solutions Groups (CSG). US$12.3 billion and operating income of US$1 billion. These were driven by the double-digit growth across Dell Technologies’ commercial and consumer notebook lines and gaming systems,”

“Dell Technologies’ growing recurring avenue also contributes to the revenue increase as it deferred revenue from amortisation, data centre utility, and as-a-service models,”

“We are innovating and integrating via Dell Technologies Cloud Console which enables a consistent Cloud operating model across a customer’s entire IT environment. This relates to Project APEX as it brings consistent as-a-service experience to our customers,” said John.

The President of the Asia Pacific and Japan and Global Digital Cities, Amit Midha, added that he is also positive about the state of Dell Technologies and the technology ecosystem for the years ahead.

He mentioned that 2020 has shown how vital it is for technology to improve society, especially in the healthcare industry. As the post-vaccine era glooms by, the President has convinced the path forward for technology is going to be hybrid.

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