Either reduce biodiesel target or include palm oil into bio-diesel mix


Kalyana Sundram, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) and the moderator for The Palm Oil Trade Fair and Seminar 2021 (POTS Digital), questioned the EU why rapeseed is on a decline even though it is a crucial mix for the bio-diesel mix.

The union has been using rapeseed as a replacement for its bio-diesel mix to combat palm oil environmentalists.

The Executive Director of Oil World and a panelist of POTS Digital, Thomas Mielke, commented that the EU banned the usage of bee-harming pesticides in 2013. This has greatly impacted the production of rapeseed.

He added that the EU is currently producing 6 million tonnes short from the rest of the world. Without palm oil, it will be unfeasible for the EU to maintain its target to produce bio-diesel.

60 percent of the palm oil imported to the EU is used in the renewable energy and green technology business which relates to producing bio-diesel too.

“The EU will be producing 15 million tonnes of bio-diesel and will increase the production by year’s end. Without the imports of palm oil, the mentioned bio-diesel target cannot be achieved,”

“Either reduce biodiesel target or include palm oil in the bio-diesel mix. The political decision must consider the reality of the issue as the current legislation to improve the imports of sustainable palm oil in the EU,” added Mielke.

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