MAF Ready To Build More Field Hospitals If MAEPS Overflows

During last years MCO, Covid-19 patients especially foreign workers were housed in MAEPS Convention Centre in Serdang when the hospitals became overcrowded. Since then the venue has not be been required, however with the surge in cases recoding daily 4-digit, the 10,000 bed makeshift hospital is once again utilised and concerns are abound if MAEPS will be sufficient.

The Malaysian Armed Forces has allayed the fear and has assured that more field hospitals can be build if MAEPS can longer hold the capacity. This was conveyed by Chief of Defence Force Gen Tan Sri Affendi Buang, who reiterated that MAF was prepared for these situations and always exchanged views with the Health Ministry (MoH) if there was a need for such a hospital. 

“For the time being, MAF is working with MoH to determine the capacity (construction) of the field hospital so as to accommodate current needs. MAEPS was an ideal venue when cases surged back in April where the infrastructure was in place to handle the crisis, the team at the centre were diligent and managed the task without any incident. CEO Zaidi Sharim recalled the task he received from the Government to tum the venue into a field hospital, while it was unchartered waters for him and his team, he paid tribute to his team for the thorough planning and rising to the occasion. Now, once again the CEO and his team are called upon, thanks to the prior experience, Covid-19 patients are in a better place with a well oiled team.

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