Dell Technologies target to achieve social impacts in 2021 and beyond

Amit Midha,President, APJ, Global Digital Cities

Speaking at the Dell Technologies 2021 Perspectives Media Briefing, Amit Midha, President of the Asia Pacific and Japan, Global Digital Cities, said that Dell Technologies’ goals to have major social impacts in 2021 are precedent.

The President presented the 2030 social impact moonshot goals which consisted of advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion, transforming lives, and upholding ethics and privacy.

Firstly, Dell Technologies will move forward by advancing the sustainability of the company by applying the concept of “1:1 recycling/reuse”.

The concept is set to enhance sustainability by using correct proportions of each item from the packaging process all the way to the disposal process.

Dell Technologies further proposed to have 50 percent of the female population in the company and 40 percent of females in the managerial positions. He also mentioned, specifically in the United States (US), to be inclusive of the US minorities.

“We aim to start in Asia with Singapore to spearhead it first, possibly late May,”

“We will also aim to have 50/50 gender representation in the company,” the President added.

With Dell Technologies’ Digital LifeCare programme, the company has been able to touch millions of lives. This is unprecedented as the Covid-19 outbreak affected almost all layers of the community.

The company, with the moonshot goals in mind, wants to continue the Digital LifeCare programme with a special focus on education and healthcare via the usage of technology.

Amit stressed that technology and data combined with the human spirit are and will always be positive forces in the world.

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