NTT partners with TNB’s GSPARX as part of plans to switch into renewable energy

From the Left Henrick Choo, Megat Jalaluddin Bin Megat Hassan

NTT Ltd., a technology services company, has partnered with GSPARX Sdn. Bhd. (GSPARX), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), to build solar installations as part of their support in a low carbon future.

The partnership have GSPARX install a solar power panel system within NTT’s data centre campus to support NTT’s power requirements for their administrative buildings.

Construction is expected to commence in Q1 2021, and the solar installations will be operational by Q3 2021.

“The shift into solar energy is not just an environmental move but it is important for global companies, such as NTT Ltd., to have an alternate energy source to grow future business growth. Through GSPARX, TNB will be able to offer quality and sustainable energy to realise their goals,” said Megat Jalaluddin Bin Megat Hassan, the Chief Retail Officer of TNB.

“The partnership with TNB is a crucial component of attaining this goal and ensuring that we create a more sustainable future,” commented Png Kim Meng, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ASEAN at NTT Ltd.

NTT ltd. notably will see a decrease in their fossil fuel consumption subsequently will reduce their carbon footprint of their business operations. This is relevant in Malaysia where NTT ltd. continues to expand their Data Centre business.

“The shift into solar power brings NTT ltd. closer towards addressing corporate environmental sustainability concerns to reduce carbon footprints and CO2 emission. NTT Ltd.’s initiative has come in a very timely manner, as the new Data Centre is scheduled to be available this year,” added Henrick Choo, CEO of Malaysia at NTT Ltd.


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