HSBC Malaysia’s latest sustainable initiative comes in the form of recyclable credit cards

HSBC Malaysia has unveiled its latest innovative feature of recycled plastic credit card as it moves toward a sustainable future and creates a social impact toward the environment.  

Oz Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) HSBC Amanah said, “At HSBC, we have a responsibility to our customers, employees and the communities in which we serve. We recognise that economic growth must also be sustainable if we are to achieve success in the long term.

HSBC has also partnered with social business, Incitement, to create a dedicated digital platform for customers to support local charities and non-profit organisations. 

Through the partnership, HSBC Amanah is also the first within the HSBC Group to launch credit cards made from 85 percent recycled plastic starting January.

HSBC also launched a charity initiative with every donation made by cardholders on their HSBC Amanah Credit Cards, HSBC will donate 1 percent of the charity spend to four selected local charities.

“Sustainability can enable organisations to create financial performance, while at the same time achieving positive environmental and social impact. New ESG charity feature does exactly this, we have created a new innovative feature for our credit cards that will enable us to make a sustainable difference to our communities and the environment.” stated Oz.

“With this pioneering move, we expect to reduce the carbon emissions from our credit card production in 2021 and in the subsequent year.  The HSBC ESG charity feature, recycled plastic credit cards and our reduction of carbon emissions are all part of our efforts to become the HSBC Group’s first sustainable banking entity by the end of 2022,” he added. 

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