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The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted industries globally and Malaysia being part of a digital transformation wave that is sweeping countries has been affected as well. While the impact may not have been pleasant for many, the healthcare crisis also gave birth to new changes.

Social distancing became a necessity and in order to better track any possible outbreaks, the MySejahtera App came about. This allowed the government to collect movement data without getting involved in any physical manual data collection activities.

This however was made possible through machine learning. Franco Gan, Managing Director of Ocullo says, “Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence where algorithms are constantly learning and improving themselves. Just like the human brain, it can learn from observation and make smarter decisions by processing huge amount data and choosing the required one.”

“The more data it has, the smarter it gets,” he says. The founder of the machine learning app says machine learning helps companies in achieving accurate sales forecast resulting in effective sales offers and marketing plans.

“It even helps with time intensive tasks and inventory control,” Franco highlights. Ocullo is the solution provider of Dua Sentral Smart Parking system, a multipurpose commercial building which consists of TNB corporate offices, commercial offices, residentials and a hotel.

“The security and the CAPEX of the building’s parking have been improved significantly with our number plate recognition and e-payment capabilities,” says Franco, adding that system allows for entry and exit activities to be traceable with time, number plate and car models.

“All is automated and no manual work is required. On occasions of special events, the system allows both TNB corporate offices and the hotel to programme special rates with just a few clicks,” Franco says. The parking segment is not the only focus of Ocullo.

The machine learning service provider has dabbled into the drones segment where the team is able to provide solutions to reduce the manual effort of going through drone footages, allowing users to automatically detect defects, count objects as well as perform tracking with ease.

Users will also be able to run analysis in real time or even analyse the footage post collection as either images or in video format,” Franco points out. Ocullo also covers the insurance sector where they would be able to provide superlative CX by approving claims for mobile and car insurance in seconds.

“We could plus leaky funnels with faster and frictionless KYC as well as extract key information from forms, invoices and ID cards for instance,” he shares. As for the media industry, newsrooms through Ocullo’s service could extract tags from images to maintain high quality contents and filler unnecessary contents to ensure both readers and subscribers have access to appropriate content.

Implementing machine learning into the software, Ocullo was formed by a team of IT experts and tech enthusiasts from different industries. Hoping to make the country a better place to live, the team believes machine learning will help them to achieve the agenda.

Ocullo’s chief operation officer, Steven Chin further says that the startup hopes to build an ecosystem of Malaysian experts in the area instead of importing talent from overseas.

“Machine learning in Malaysia is in the growing stage and it’s not being promoted widely like our neighbourhood country Singapore. It needs more support from the government, business sectors and education institutions in order to move further,” he adds. Stephen also believes industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, education, manufacturing and


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