Telenor: Key trends that will shape the year

Telenor Tech Trends 2021

Norwegian telecommunications company, Telenor has highlighted key trends including new technology to combat loneliness, a digital spring for green tech, ‘password panic’, society-as-a-service, and the educational gap that will shape the year. 

Head of Telenor Research, Bjørn Taale Sandberg, said that the Covid-19 outbreak has triggered almost all industries around the globe, but the past year proved that digitalisation will be the key to tackle major societal issues and facilitate new ways of living in 2021.

“The Covid-19 outbreak accelerates the shift for digital in all aspects of people’s daily lives. It is key to be aware of the innovations and technologies in turning both to improve the way of life of many others,” Digi’s Head of Digital IT, Anwar Ishak, added.

Covid-19 rose to a growing percentage of people who feel isolated and lonely, triggering a host of new health concerns which includes mental health.

“2020 showed everyone that loneliness is a fundamental public health issue which a health issue that the research team believes will face an unprecedented technological response in 2021. The company predicts that eHealth actors will develop and roll out new sets of tools and services related to mental health,” Sandberg said.

In cities all over the globe, artificial intelligence will be implemented to optimise energy consumption in data centres and mobile base stations.

These technologies will help make renewable energy, such as wind power, more predictable, and ‘smarten’ up cities by optimising transport and predicting air quality.

AI-powered micro IoT devices, called Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML), start operating as ultra-small and ultra-low powered drones take to the sky to expand drone monitoring of climate-exposed areas through image processing.

New autonomous modular robots will work in the fields, supporting farmers who struggle to find agricultural workers. Mechanical weeding with machine vision will streamline the use of pesticides, thus reducing the environmental impact of agriculture.

The term ‘password panic’ is defined as those who are not equipped with proper password solutions or who do not maintain strict digital hygiene will experience a surge. This is the feeling of utter hopelessness and frustration that occurs when your mind draws another password blank.

“In 2021, Telenor expects companies to provide employees with more flexibility to carry out their work outside the office walls. Managers will increase the upskilling of employees in cyber security, digital hygiene, and the use of digital tools and technologies to ensure the necessary competence for the future way of work,” Sandberg explained in terms of work flexibility. 

Telenor also predicts that to see an increased number of new and creative methods of remote, digital learning from the rapidly advancing virtual learning environment.

Good news is those equipped with internet-capable devices will thrive under the digital leap but those who do not will lose ground in the harsh environment.

“The risk for significant setbacks and a widening educational gap can be seen if the issue is not resolved in the nearest time. The education sector and ICT actors must cooperate, working together to ensure robust and faster networks, and to promote and support digital literacy for all,” Sandberg concluded.

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