Street Light Maker, Mestron Holdings Gets Nod For Vaccine Distribution

Malaysia has still not filled its stock bucket for Covid-19 vaccines, having just secured 50% of the total requirement there is still room for more players to enter the distribution space.

Many listed company’s are getting into the game even though medical not being their primary business, we had a flooring manufacturer entering into an agreement with a Chinese biomedicine to import vaccine and now we have a street light pole maker venturing into the industry. Mestron Holdings Bhd has claimed to have received clearance from the MOH to commence negotiation and cooperation with any companies from China in relation to the COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Malaysia. Established in 2002, the company is heavily involved in street lights supplying to major highways and housing estates. The main factory is located in Puchong, Selangor.

In a recent statement, Mestron said it had gotten approval to discuss and collaborate on the importation, distribution, sale, marketing, use, and application of the vaccine in the country. It has also stated that the company is currently in discussion with Zhongyu Yexing (Chengdu) Industrial Co., Ltd. on the details of the potential collaboration.

“Once the company has firmed up the terms with Zhongyu Yexing, it will submit an application to the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency to register and get approval for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in Malaysia,” it added.

The company has also signed a Heads of Agreement with the Chinese counterpart to commence discussions on the structure and terms of the proposed collaboration relating to the distribution. Its good to see many players from different industries pivoting their business model and get into the vaccine distribution venture, however as one big pharma recently noted, the logistics and secure delivery of the vials is an extremely complex job that takes years to master.

Lets just hope these company’s have a short learning curve!


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