IJN launches “Influenza Week” to carry out mass immunisation initiatives for all employees

The Institut Jantung Negara has launched “Influenza Week” as part of its initiative to carry out a mass immunisation initiative for all its employees. IJN staff will be able to receive influenza vaccines for free from now till Feb 5.

“Many people may think that everyone can easily recover from the flu, but some people are at a real risk of developing more severe flu complications, especially very young children, senior citizens, pregnant women, as well those with cardiovascular disease, lung disease, liver or kidney disease and diabetics,” IJN Chief Executive Officer, Dr Aizai Azan Abdul Rahim explained.

Dr Aizai Aizan added that more people should vaccinate themselves for the sake of the wider community.

“Vaccines are still our best option at protecting ourselves, our loved ones and our communities from infectious diseases,” he said.

IJN Deputy CEO, Akmal Arief Mohamad Fauzi said the “Influenza Week” serves as an opportunity to raise awareness on the importance of vaccines.

“We hope this programme is a timely reminder that vaccines play a major role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. We can all do our part by just getting a simple jab,” he urged. Vida Vitamin C has stepped up as beverage sponsors for the programme by offering specialised vitamin-fortified drinks throughout the week.


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