Pandemic Generates Unexpected Demand For Daihatsu Vehicles

  • We are tempted to use the Silver Lining analogy for this piece but its not quite appropriate under the circumstances, Malaysia has been in a state of lull since March 2020 when we went into pandemic mode. This caused a sudden stop in all economic activity and everyday movement ground to a halt, however things started to ease when the Movement Control Order was lifted and sectors began seeing some commerce. While there were industries reeling from the lockdown, there were also some that witnessed a surge in business, eCommerce was one of them which eventually lead to a chain reaction of uptakes within the ecosystem.

One of the sectors were the logistics sector, suddenly demand for delivery services shot through the roof due to many opting for online purchases. Courier company could not cope and were needing to purchase additional inventories including delivery vehicles. Daihatsu a well known Japanese automotive maker was strategically positioned as the company assembles nifty vans and pick ups that fit perfectly in this space. In fact the sales for the brand in 2020 was unexpected, achieving beyond its targeted numbers of with 1,410 vehicles sold, a 5% increase from target.

According to the company the strongest sales were recorded in the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) months of July and September, partly by its aggressive campaigns in e-commerce, delivery and logistics industries. Daihatsu Malaysia’s corporate sales in 2020 saw a 10% growth from 2019, boosted by repeat orders because of strong customer confidence and the e-commerce campaigns. 

“We are delighted that Daihatsu Malaysia has performed well last year despite the challenging operating environment. Our focus on enabling last mile delivery transporters during the restricted movement period, and the measures taken to ensure our Daihatsu’s Service Centre are on standby nationwide to serve our fleet customers throughout this period have paid off very well. It is indeed a milestone achievement for Daihatsu’s 40th anniversary in Malaysia”, said Arman Mahadi, Managing Director of Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Throughout the past nine months since the first Movement Control Order in the country, Daihatsu Malaysia has embarked on several initiatives to ensure customers continue to have access to reliable customer experience and Aftersales service. Particular emphasis was placed on encouraging the utilisation of Daihatsu’s Mobile Service, that caters to customers within areas that are under stricter movement control orders. Another strategic initiative introduced was Daihatsu’s online showroom. The virtual showroom serves an additional avenue to reach out to customers and to facilitate a seamless online booking experience, improving their purchasing journey.

Although 2021 may be another turbulent year, the company intends to strengthen its competitive standing this year by introducing an improved and enhanced version of Gran Max that comes with better performance, safety and sustainability as well as stepping up on the Daihatsu Business Transformation Plan by working closely with its branches and dealers to strengthen its network in the country and introduce gradual facilities enhancement.


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