Parlo Confident Myanmar Coup Wont Affect Migrant Worker Agreement

With a substantial number of Myanmar migrant workers in Malaysia especially in the food and beverage sector, there are concerns if the coup back home is going to affect their stay here. Parlo, a local manpower company that arranges migrant workers has stated that its counterpart in Myanmar assures there is nothing to worry.

Parlo which provides a range of migrant workforce-related services to employment agencies and foreign migrant workers signed an agreement in October 2020 with Myanmar-based Diamond Palace Group of Companies Ltd to provide travel, ground logistics, dormitory and medical examination to outbound migrant workers departing from and after their work tenure, returning to Myanmar. As of now the takeover has not affected its agreements.

Executive Director, Ti Lian Seng expressed: “We are following the events in Myanmar closely and are in constant communication with Diamond Palace. The situation remains stable and calm, with no indications whatsoever that there will be changes in the government’s policy regarding migrant workers”.

According to Ti, the partner, and owner of Diamond Palace Group of Companies, Dato’ Thein Than has come out stating that the Myanmar citizens working in all parts of the world do not have any change in their working status. He is confident that their contribution will be weighed positively by the government especially through their foreign currency remittance. On a micro level, it has shown a positive impact on healthcare, entrepreneurship, education, and overall economic development of the recipient families.

For those seeking to venture overseas for job placement will also not be affected by the current situation. Malaysia does not recognise the coup and has called on for the democratic process to be recognised. However, its not issued any statements on sanction or heeding calls of western countries to impose them.

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