Future Of Hotel Stay, Contactless Room Keys

If the hotel industry ever want to survive in the pandemic, it will have to innovate and come up with earth shattering solutions to drive guests back into its premises. Sitting around waiting for the virus to go away or asking for help from government wont cut it, the industry is ripe for transformation and some actors are embarking on such a change.

Accor Group for instance which has accommodation scattered around the globe is looking at future behaviors of its guests, people are always going to be wary even after vaccinations are rolled. In order to ease the customers worry and keep contact at minimal, the brand has introduced a digital key solution to all its new hotels.

How this works is, upon checking in customers will be provided with a keyless door entry solution by downloading Accor’s digital key app. They can than use the signature to access to rooms, entry to meeting rooms and floor access via lifts using their smartphone. Once departing the hotel, the mobile key will automatically be deactivated.

With successful pilot programs, the roll out will start in all new Accor hotels opening in 2021 and extend to existing properties with an objective to equip 500 hotels with Accor Key this year, and at least  50% of all rooms across the network within the next five years. The initiative will not only provide comfort to guests but will also help reduce the amount of plastic used for traditional key cards and cardboard for the key holder.

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